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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Business leaders say they’ve seen an increase in the number of people visiting Commercial Street in north Springfield.

However, it’s starting to create a parking problem.

While there are plenty of public parking lots in the area people we talked to say they don’t feel it’s very safe.

It’s why the community improvement district board for this part of town is working to change that.

“People come thinking it’s still the old ‘C’ street,” said Susi Caregnato.

She specializes in crafting products using beeswax and honey.

“To be fair I have a bee suit on. That makes me feel braver,” she said.

She says traffic into her store has really picked up.

“A pair of teachers that are studying at Drury that came over from Germany. They said as soon as they walked on this street it was like a Hallmark movie. It was everything they imagined America would be like,” she explained.

Many local business owners, developers, and city leaders have worked to improve the area over the years.

But Caregnato says she and the other shopkeepers keep their eyes peeled for any criminal activity.

“If anybody sees anything that they think’s off just the least little bit they send this text alert out so that everybody can jump in and be there for each other,” she said.

Community Improvement District board president and local business owner Lyle Foster says security is a priority.

“We’re looking at putting cameras in our public parking lots as well as in our alleys so that the public will feel very safe, very comfortable,” he said.

He says he hopes the cameras will provide another tool to fend off crime.

“We understand our police department is very much in demand and also understaffed so things we can also do to enhance our district and the experience for our shoppers, we’re all about it,” he said.

Careganto says it’s an added sense of protection.

“Yeah, I’m so grateful for this street,” she said.

The community improvement district is working to find the best cameras for the area.

They will be paid for using sales tax money collected from area businesses.

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