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HAYTI, Mo. (KFVS) – Solving crime could get easier for one heartland police department.

That’s what officers in the bootheel hope for, by asking the community to share surveillance video.

A lot of times, surveillance cameras see you before you see them, and the Hayti Police Department could benefit from having access to the footage.

“We feel like if we could have our citizens bring it to us and have it on file, it would just cut a lot of time out of our investigations and help us get our suspects identified and possibly retrieve stolen property,” Lieutenant Dylan Stevens said.

Lt. Dylan Stevens said he sees a lot of major crime in the city, such as shootings, assaults, and burglaries.

“A lot of our businesses have inside cameras but not outside cameras so we really hope the businesses that don’t have outside cameras will at least start considering to put them out there,” Stevens said.

He said most of them are on major roadways which could catch the traffic.

When someone registers their surveillance cameras with the department, they’ll be asked how long their cameras keep recordings.

“If you have a camera registered with us and we know that your camera only keeps footage for 24 hours, we’re going to know we’re going to have to be pretty quick to get that footage from you,” he said.

Longtime Hayti resident Jim Brent said he registered his six cameras with the department as soon as he could.

“You gotta help as a community, we gotta work as a team instead of individually and some people care, and some people don’t but the ones who care need to step up and help out,” Brent said.

Cape Girardeau implemented a similar camera program years ago.

Corporal Ryan Droege said its helpful having access to people’s footage when needed.

“We can’t be everywhere all at once so those people who have made that investment to put a little added security around their home it’s nice that they’re willing to let us in and offer some help with that,” Droege said.

“This is a job that cannot be done to its full potential without the community’s help,” Stevens said.

Stevens said he hopes to get grants soon that could help the department get city-wide cameras.

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